Montana State Council of Professional Firefighters and Montana State Firemen’s Association

Due to the COVID19 Pandemic and recent IAFF postponements, the MTPROFF Convention will be virtual.

It's virtually the best time you can have online!


COVID19 Has thrown a curveball to everyone this year. 2020 is just not our year. It is with a heavy heart that we have moved our convention to a virtual platform.

Please use the following registration to register for convention. Delegates will get future emails with instructions on how to attend convention.

Convention business will occur on the 2nd of September for approx 4 hours. Business will be very condensed and we do not anticipate needing the full 4 hours, however we have scheduled the 3rd of Sept for business if necessary.

Registration is free for this year.

If you have any questions contact Cameron Abell

Register now to attend the annual convention of the Montana State Council of Professional Fire Fighters and the Montana State Firemen’s Association.

Register as a Delegate or Alternate to participate in the business meeting of the State Organizations. To see how many delegates or alternates your Local is allowed, please refer to the Constitution and Bylaws which are available for view at

Please make sure you have your most recent version of your contract up to date on the website. You can send a copy to if you need to update.


Sept 2nd

Meetings online Approx 13:00-17:00

Formal Dinner

Sept 3rd

Meetings Online 09:00-Close (ONLY IF NEEDED)

Meetings Closed

Thanks for Coming!